Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting my (many) face(s) on

Today I am joining Beth at the Stories of A to Z for her Get your Face on party!
Go see the other brave girls who posted pictures of themselves, too!

I committed to do this, thinking it would be kind of fun. I love makeup, and sharing my products sounded like a blast!
It was great - until I sat down and looked at the pictures.
When I was going through these pictures on my computer, picking out the succession, etc, my 3 year old asked to sit on my lap to see, too.
When I picked him up he asked "why are you making faces in those pictures?"
I said "I don't know...I don't...I don't know why I was doing that."
He said "Maybe it's because you don't like yourself?"

I don't think that's it...but it might be because I don't like the camera!  lol
At any rate - you should know that I made 3 faces each time I took my picture. One without a smile, one with a half smile, one with a full smile.
I wasn't sure which would look best.
Also, I'm a freak.

Okay.  I could ramble on for another 5 pages (believe me!) but it's probably best to just get started. So, here we go!

I'm a stay at home mom, lucky me! I almost always shower in the late afternoon. That's when I wash my face.
On days I go out in the morning I just splash water on my face - I don't use cleanser. I figure my face is pretty clean after having washed the evening before, and at this point in my life I'm far more concerned about retaining moisture than being squeaky clean.

I use this every day.

I use this once every couple of weeks.

I use this once every couple of months.

I use this to remove my eye makeup, if I need to.

Clean face, no makeup.

My many faces

Close up!

My normal makeup routine takes me 3 minutes.  I timed myself on a day I didn't have time to do the pictures, but wasn't in a hurry, either. I knew I was quick, but that was faster than I expected.
However, for the pictures I did my all-out makeup routine. Not quite the one I did when we were playing in the casino in Las Vegas last weekend, but the one I use for going out at night with my husband.
Anyway, even this one takes only about 5 minutes.
On this day I was also straightening my hair. When I do that I straighten a layer, then put on some makeup, then straighten a layer, etc. So you'll get to see my hair progression, too.  I know it's supposed to be about makeup, but I'm a multi-tasker by nature.

Step 1. Moisturizer
I use Olay Regenerist. LOVE it.  Sometimes I use this skin rev-er upper, too.  It's a Bare Minerals product to go under your makeup. When I first started using Bare Minerals I thought the Rev-er Upper made a big difference, but it doesn't seem to, anymore. Probably because I've gotten better at putting the makeup itself on.
On my lips I use vaseline. I love vaseline. It's shiny and smooth and moisturizing and cheap. And, unlike shiny lip glosses, it's never sticky.

After the moisturizers:

Step 2. Foundation
I started using Bare Minerals about a year and a half ago.  I really like it. It's light and easy to use and I love the coverage it gives me. I use the medium beige color, which is darker than you'd think for a natural redhead, but it works for me.
I tap about this much into the lid and use the swirl, tap, buff method.  It takes about 3 applications to do my whole face - once on my chin, once on my nose and forehead, once on my cheeks.
After I do all that I use this brush to scoop up the extra powder in the lid and use it as an eye shadow foundation.

After the foundation:

Step 3. Eye Makeup
On a regular day I use 2 eyeshadows, eye liner and mascara. I almost always curl my lashes.
When I'm going out at night I use 3 or 4 shadows and extra liner and mascara.
The two containers at the top left of the picture are my optional, going out shadows.

I start with shadows.

1 is called grace, 2 is called camp, 3 is a covergirl trio called shimmering sands. I buy it just for the shimmery pale one at the end. I can't find another color that works the same. 4 is called celestine.
On regular days I use number 1 (grace) across my whole lid and then highlight under my brow and in my inner eye/tear duct area with the covergirl shadow.
When I'm going out I use grace all over my lid, then camp below the crease, then celestine under my brow and the covergirl one to highlight my inner eye.

After the eyeshadow:

After the shadows I put my eyeliner on.  Then I curl my lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara.

Eyes are done:

4. Finishing touches
If I'm going out (or if I look very pale) I use a bit of bronzer. I just sweep it over my cheekbones, and occasionally along my jaw line or forehead.

I use this sad looking toothbrush to groom my brows. They usually have foundation in them, this sweeps it out.

I put vaseline on my lips, then rub the residue from my fingers (and sometimes a bit extra) into the base of my brows. Then I comb the toothbrush through them again. It just defines them and darkens them up a bit.
When I use lipstick I like this one. I'm not even sure if they make it anymore, I've had it for so long. I put it on on top of my vaseline. That way I get the color but only feel the vaseline.

Here's my after!

Way better, right?
I know.


Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Wahoo! You joined! And you look gorgeous :). You had me laughing out loud at the beginning of the post with your conversation with your kiddo! I think any woman who is brave enough to link up likes herself.

Okay, the mineral makeup. Everyone seems to be a fan so I'm tempted to try it again. Vaseline. You make it look glamorous! I also like those shimmering sand shadows. I'll have to give them a whirl.

Thanks for having the courage to do this post! You're entered in a lip gloss giveaway twice because of you're bravery!

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

You look gorgeous...and not just your face, I love your red hair too! Thanks for sharing your tips! If seems as if we both have a thing for the Cover Girl shimmering sands...I mentioned that in my post too!

Blessings, Grace

Cha Cha said...

Well i just don't think we are going to be able to be friends. You are too beautiful and jealous is not a good thing in friendship, haha. You are beautiful, your lips are perfect and that hair, I want it. Sorry I really am not crazy, but I am wondering if I should go take my pictures down so I can't be compared to you. Thanks for sharing.

Cha Cha

Jenny said...

You look great! I've never tried Bare Minerals, but everyone loves them!

Anonymous said...

Darlin, you are gorgeous before AND after! Love it!

Sheri said...

I have to admit I am stuck looking at your hair. It's so beautiful! I'll have to head back up to the makeup routine, but had to comment on your hair quickly!

Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

HAIR! WOW! I LOVE YOUR COLOR! TELL ME YOU DONT COLOR IT!!! Your face compliments your hair and your hair is enough to make me want to eat you up! Thanks for sharing!

Kristi said...

My 2 year old climbed in my lap too to look at my pictures as I edited them...I got the surprised "Dat YOU mama!!" when he saw me on the computer...he still doesn't quite get that I can be in the room AND a picture lol
anyway thanks for sharing! I linked up too and wanted to cheer everyone on!

Jennifer Juniper said...

You look beautiful! My routine takes under 5 minutes,too. I don't have time for a lot of steps :)

foggogs said...

great make over. I love the way your makeup looks and I also LOVE your haircolor!

Karli @ RockyBella said...

I soooo want your hair. Beautiful.

Miki said...

Gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing the transformation of both your face and hair! You glow! Miki

this blessed nest said...

there's so much to comment about your post!
i mean, you are so detailed in your post. i am so impressed! that hair. marvelous darling. marvelous.

not let's talk about that gorgeous skin of your's. it is beautiful.
i need to try bare minerials too.

i finally linked up too, after a crazy morning with the kids. so i know you can relate!

have a super day, beautiful!

Sew Fun! said...

great post...lots of details and the whole Vaseline thing...i had to read it like 3 times..interesting! works for look beautiful! said...

wow! you are gorgeous!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Oh how I wish I had your skin! It's flawless! After your moisturizers and vaseline, it was like, WOW you look all put together, then I read on to find out you hadn't even started on the makeup yet! I've wanted to try the Camp eyeshadow for awhile now, and I love Celestine.
Gorgeous pics, all of them!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous! And I love your many faces :)

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

You're so fresh and beautiful! I'm inspired to try and shorten my makeup routine. You have made me so excited for my birthday this weekend. Why? My sister is getting me Bare Minerals (I have been out for quiet some time). You look so amazing! So flawless. I want to go try that cover girl shadow you pretty!! And the lips are so chapped. Definatly starting that up.

jenjen said...

Hi there!

You are so cute! What beautiful skin you have! And your hair is to die for! You really don't need makeup at all!

Love your look!


Richella said...

Hi Mandy--

You are beautiful. Let's just get that little fact stated at the beginning.

Although I am not in your league of beauty, I think perhaps I am your aunt or cousin or something. Honestly, those photos of you in the process of straightening your hair look like you could be wearing my hair! I have long, thick, wavy auburn hair. I wash it once a week and spend a great deal of time on shampoo days straightening it with a flat iron. On the non-shampoo days, I just touch it up with a flat iron.

Anyway. All that to say that it's nice to meet you. And I wish with all my heart that I had your eyebrows. I plucked my into a pencil-thin line when I was 15, and they never grew back completely. Argghhh.

Thanks for sharing yourself here!


Reese said...

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.
You and I have the same EXACT hair color and complexion. Are we related??

Carol said...

You have gorgeous hair! Thanks for sharing all your tips!

Stephanie said...

Just beautiful! I love that Mint Julep mask too!

Stephanie said...

thank you so much! you are so gorgeous! :) thanks for sharing!!


Rachelle said...

WOW! I've tried the mineral make up they sell at drug stores and never really was happy, is BM REALLY that much better? Geesh you look GREAT! I love full coverage so that's why I stick with liquid but it seems like eveyrones doing powder lately.. hmm

Sorry to ramble on, but anyways you look great LOVE your hair! So pretty!


Gail said...

You've got great hair...eyebrows & lips.....nicely played up without looking over-done. Very pretty! I'm having fun at the party...such a great idea to encourage us all to get out of our comfort zones!

sara said...

you look great & i love the multiple shots with different expressions, all beautiful & fun!

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