Monday, November 22, 2010


Giveaway is closed - the winner is Lee Ann! 
Congrats, Lee Ann! I hope you love your sonic scrubber as much I do :)

ETA: The people at Sonic Scrubbers sent me a note letting me know that there is a discount available right now! Go to

I have been MIA for a while and I apologize for that! It's been hectic around here - there's so much going on this time of year! Plus, we went on vacation for a week, so that took a lot of time, too.

I'm returning with one heck of a giveaway, though!

A couple of months ago I was contacted about trying a new cleaning product and then posting a review for my readers. The best part was that the company offering the product was one who's cleaning products I already loved! Score!
I heart scrubbing bubbles - disposable toilet brush's rock :)

Anyway, they sent me this new, high tech toilet brush, and I tried it out.
Here's what it looks like

Like all the other scubbing bubbles toilet brush's, this one is disposable and has the cleaning solution build right in, so you don't have to squirt anything inside the toilet.
The cool thing about this one, though, is that it's battery powered. It does all the work for you!
I purposefully let my toilets go a little extra time between cleaning before I used this the first time. We have really hard water, and it stains the bowl...the longer it sits without cleaning, the harder I have to scrub. I figured if I was going to review it, I should really test it out ;)

Okay - the product itself:
So it's this long handle, and at the end is this square button looking thing.

Then the brush is a round scrubbing pad with a square hole in the back.

The handle clicks into the scrubbing pad and you're in business. Easy-peasy :)

Then you just push the button and it comes to life!

I'm not sure if it was the battery powered scrubbing or the cleaning solution that's built into the head, but this toilet brush REALLY cut through the grime! I was definitely impressed!
My one complaint is that when I pushed it into the deepest part of the toilet and started angling it around I popped the head off. I had a moment of panic, but all I had to do was push the button back into the button hole (still in the water - I didn't actually touch anything with my hand) and it was fine again.
Of course - I didn't really need to PUSH at all...I did it more out of habit than anything. On the second toilet I refrained from pushing and didn't have any more popping off :)
Also - this thing has plenty of cleaning power in it! I cleaned BOTH of my toilets with the one scrubbing pad and that was with them being extra dirty!

So here's the cool part!
The people at Sonic Scrubbers agreed to give one of my readers a Power Toilet Bowl Scrubber of their own!
Just leave a comment here to enter.
You can earn extra entries by "liking" them on Facebook - here's a link to that!

Good luck to everyone! I sure do like mine!

(giveaway will be open through Wednesday, December 1)


Michelle said...

I hate cleaning the toilet. If this makes it easier sign me up!!

Michelle said...

I "like" it on FB

Keri Ronk said...

I also hate cleaning the toilet! So I hope I win!

Lee Ann L. said...

This sounds interesting!

Lee Ann L. said...

I liked Sonic Scrubbers on facebook. :-)

Heather Henderson said...

that is so cool!

Randi said...

We just moved into a new house that has a horrendous toilet stain. I would love to win and see if it helps!

Mary said...

I was going to write the same thing as Michelle! I hate toilets and I will take anything that makes it easier!!

Salsa Mama said...

I have a little sonic scrubber that I love for getting around my faucets. I would LOVE to try the toilet version!

Angie Kerr said...

Toilets have to be the worst thing to clean in my house! I have hard water, too, and it drives me crazy!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What will they think of next! This looks great. Please enter my name too..

Warm blessings,

willowbird35 said...

I NEED that! LOL - Karen

willowbird35 said...

I "liked" them on facebook too! :) -Karen

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