Monday, June 8, 2009


Last week I made yearbooks for Tessa's first grade class.  It was my last project as Room Mom - bittersweet!  
They turned out really cute.




Each student answered a questionnaire - their answers were really cute.  I printed that next to their picture (which I took when they finished their questionnaire.)
The front picture is the whole class on the steps at school.  The back picture is the group making silly faces.  
I bound the book with ribbons.  After I took the picture I added a tag to each book that the kids could write their names on.  On the last day of school they passed them around and had their friends and teachers sign them.  So cute!
I could have done a lot more - I have hundreds of pictures from class parties through out the year that would have been really fun to add - but I didn't think about doing that until after I was finished.  Maybe next year.

This was a really fun, easy project and the teacher and students really seemed to love it.


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute!! PLEASE do a tutorial for this! My daughter has a brand new teacher this year (her first year to teach), and I would love to do something like this for her at the end of the year. I need details!!!!!

deanna said...

Did you have them printed somewhere or do them at home?? They look great!!

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