Friday, January 8, 2010

The Best of the Best - a blog party for a New Year!

I've seen several anthology posts lately. Many of my bloggy friends are putting up lists of their favorite projects from the last year.
What a FABULOUS idea!

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a top 10 list.
I love those VH1 countdowns...I've watched the 100 best songs of the 90's more times than I care to admit.
Or how about when E! does those silly countdowns?
"Hollywoods Hottest Bodies" "Best Celebrity Smackdowns"
They even have one called "the Top 10 Vampires We Love"
These shows are the best thing to have on in the background when hubby is out of town and I'm up crafting 'till after midnight :)

Back to blogging...
These top 10 posts are just perfect. I can't think of a better way to show people what your blog is all about. And I want to see them all in one place!
So I decided to use {The Girl} Creative to host a party!

Grab a button and tell your friends - the party launches a week from today!

Can't WAIT to see the best of your best!
Just head over to {The Girl} Creative on January 15th and link up!
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