Monday, January 25, 2010

Kitchen Island Part 1: Moving the Island

(Can I first say that I love the LOST tie in of my title?)

Next up in the Moody Kitchen Extravaganza: the island!

I love my kitchen island. I use it for everything.  It's where I do all the prep work when I cook, where the majority of my craft projects get done, it's even where we set up the baby bathtub when we have a newborn to bathe!

However, I've always felt like it was too close to the countertops and appliances. The day we moved in I said "I wish that island was 16 inches back..."

We talked about moving it, but since we didn't know how it was attached or if the tile extended underneath, we never did anything about it.
For three years I lived with it.
I'm not going to pretend it was the bane of my existence or anything, but it always bothered me.
A few months ago, my irritation reached it's boiling point.  One afternoon I drilled some holes through the bottom shelf to try to see inside. I couldn't see anything. When DH got home I made him cut out a square for me.
So now we could see there was tile underneath, but we still had no idea how it was attached.

I called the homebuilder to try to find out, but no one could tell me. grrr.
A few days later I started pushing knives under the cabinets, trying to determine where/how it was attached.  I still couldn't tell anything.
At this point, my husband decided it was probably best for him to step in and help.
He experimentally put his shoulder into it gave a gentle heave.
The island moved. A little.

He set it back down and looked at me, grinning from ear to ear, jumping up and down and clapping and said "so you're sure you want me to do this?"
And then he did.
(FYI, he did have to cut the power line first, but he knows all about all that electrical stuff.)
Turns out the whole thing was held in place with about 6 long screws and some Liquid Nails.  The screws were all run through the grout lines, luckily!

Eventually I decided to position the island on an angle. It made the kitchen look (and feel!) about a million times bigger.  Now, two people can cook together without bumping into each other constantly.

Next up: making her pretty!


Heather@PixieDust said...

you lucked out big time!! how awesome that the tile is fine and you were able to position it how you wanted! can't wait to see how the rest turns out.

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