Friday, April 16, 2010


Adorable Michelle at Someday Crafts is having a Categorically Crafting party today - and the theme is candlesticks!
Since I LOVE candles (and their sticks, of course) I had to join in.

First up - this hideous find.

The strange marble-looking portion of this candlestick is...well, I'm not sure what. Not marble, that's for sure.
Easy fix on this - black spray paint hides a multitude of sins.

Next up -
Here is a strange before picture. I had a day of crafting planned, so I threw every item I thought I might use on the counter and took a picture of them.  This was NOT being a good blogger. This was a bad idea. Unfortunately, it's the only "before" type picture I have.
So - notice the 3 arrows.

3 random pieces of junk. An ugly metal candlestick from the dollar store, a .50 piece of unfinished wood (mostly hidden in this picture) and a .75 jar from the thrift store.
Paint and glue and a candle later - here she is!

Last, is another creation from the objects in the "before photo"
New arrows this time.

Another .50 piece of unfinished wood from the craft store and a .75 weird wooden...bowl...type...thing.
Glued together and lightly brushed with creamy beige -

My favorite after.

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michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I just feel so honored!! How sweet of you!! And can I just say, oh my! Those are some beautiful after pictures!! I love all that you did, they are so what I need!! Thanks for linking up today you are AWESOME!!!

Michele said...

I just found your blog and I love it...I have to go have a look around at all your projects! I just added myself as a follower too if that's okay!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Faith Like Potatoes said...

I'll have to try these!!!!

now to award you with this

sanjeet said...

I love it.
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