Thursday, April 15, 2010

The rest of my Spring

I never got around to posting pictures of my Valentines decor, and I hated myself for it.
Seasonal decorating is one of the great joys of my life. That's just how it is. I'm tempted to call that "sad", but I'm going to try to embrace it, instead.

Anyway, I didn't want to miss out on sharing another round of photos, so here they are.

I've already shown you the entry way table, but here's another picture - just because I love the way it turned out :)

First, the front room.
This is the bench underneath the window.
I threw my sister a baby shower last Summer and the theme was "Nesting"
I painted all these darling birdhouses for decorations. Spring seemed like the perfect time to reuse them :)

This is the coffee table.

I picked this giant birdhouse up for just $3 at the thrift store, and all it needed was some cleaning.

The mercury glass bird came from Target. I got it on extreme clearance because the tail is broken. I think it's pretty impossible to tell, and I know it's there!

This is the console table in my family room

This is the shelf in my hallway - love the way Spring looks on it! I was so tired of Winter decor.

And here's my dining area. I saved the best for last :)
The table

I finally sewed the ruffled edge burlap table runner I've been dreaming about. And I love it. I washed the burlap before I used it, then I lined it with canvas, it feels very substantial. Plus, it's so girly looking!


The pretty rose dishes are just girly enough to match :)

The centerpiece is one of my favorite things...
Another thrift store lazy susan, painted and distressed, is the base. The candle holder is made up of some strange wooden parts I found at the thrift store and glued together. The rocks are actual stones that I found in my yard and hot glued moss to. The nest was cheap from the craft store. The egg I already had :)

The buffet

I tucked some artificial flowering branches in with the real ones my husband pruned off our tree last summer :)

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Jennie said...

HOw FUN! I love how everything looks so fresh and inviting. I have some branches out back too. I might need to steal that idea. Cute stuff!

Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

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