Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Furniture Fix Up

This is a re-post in honor of the Creative Chick Parade.

I refinished this chair for my mom for Christmas last year. I thought it would be a useful one to repost, since I see chairs like this at the thrift store ALL the time.

Here's the before.

Love the lines! Everything else, not so much.
The caning in the back was pretty damaged - which was okay with me, because I don't really love caning, anyway.

I sanded her down and painted her heirloom white.

Then I cut her caning out.

She sat like this...backless...in the basement for a few weeks.  I couldn't quite figure out how I was going to put a new back in.  I began to wonder if I had screwed things up royally. Why didn't I just upholster the caning???
Oh, right...because it wasn't really structurally sound.

(But seriously? If your caning IS structurally sound, I would just upholster that. Because what comes next would be a very unnecessary step if you didn't absolutely need to do it.) 

Then I remembered my new crafting best friend, hardboard.
Hubby cut some out in the right shape for me.


I wrapped it in a double layer of quilt batting and the fabric I had chosen (staple gunned it all on) and screwed the hardboard into the chair frame. 

Then I took a piece of 1 inch foam and cut it to shape. I wrapped it in batting, too, then I used spray adhesive to attach the cushion to the hardboard.

I used the staple gun again to cover the cushion with fabric.

Then I covered the seams with a braided trim.


And here she is - totally revamped and gorgeous!


Christy said...

I LOVE that chair and WANT one myself!! What a fantastic job you've done!

Chic Creations said...

Great job. Love the chair, the design and the fabric. Really cute. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley said...

Cute chair! I love the lines of it too!

Frank said...

Nice work.

Jerome Paul said...

Great job.
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Bobs Furniture said...

Beautiful and unique collection of furniture.
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Sevgi Ates said...

Thanks you for this write, i m enjoyed thanks you, masko

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