Saturday, May 2, 2009

Asher's Room - the process

Asher's Room is finished!
Actually, it's been done for about a week - but I'm slow to post.

I bought his new furniture at The Wood Connection furniture store.  They sell amazing quality solid wood furniture at awesome prices.  You can buy it unfinished for a lot less - which is what I did :)
We bought a headboard and a dresser and I stole an end table from my family room.
(Then I bought a gorgeous sofa table to replace said end table, yay!)

I finished everything myself with a Navy milk-paint that I also bought from The Wood Connection.

The side table was the most work, so it was what I started with.  It took quite a bit of sanding, and I replaced all the hardware.  It was a bit beat up, so I decided that rather than fight it, I'd go with a distressed look.  
Asher was a big help!  He was really excited to help sand :)
Two coats of paint, some strategic sanding (followed by wood stain on the sanded areas) and a light lacquer finish.  I love the way it turned out.

The headboard was one that the Wood Connection owner had built for his mother, who then decided she didn't want it.  I was able to buy it as overstock for only $89!  It already had a finish on it, which I sanded before I painted and lacquered it.

The dresser was the biggest piece of furniture, but required no prep-work.  Just two coats of paint and a light coat of lacquer.

I used a stencil to add cowboy hats and boots to the border that was already on his wall.  I was hesitant to do it, but finally decided that if I hated it, I'd just rip the whole thing off the wall.  I love how it turned out, though :)

I took a picture of Ash in a cowboy hat and made a "Wanted" poster in photoshop with it.  Matt built me wood base for it and modge-podgedit together.  It seems to be indestructible, but we'll see how it stands up over time...

I bought a cheap navy sailcloth valance from Target, but thought it looked chintzy on the window - so I doctored it up with some fabric from JoAnn's

Then there were a lot of other little things - I spray painted Asher's name with a black 'hammer finish' paint.  I hung his bulletin board on the back of his door.  I moved his shelves to his closet and bolted them to the wall.  I went to Callister and bought real cowboy rope, then I hung it on the wall.  I framed a couple of copywrite free images from the Pioneer Woman.  I moved the stars on the wall around.  I removed a section of border, painted a square of red on the wall, then hung a cowboy hat and frame there.  I dug up an old belt that Jesse won riding bulls (seriously) and hung it on a hook.  I tied a bandana around Asher's lamp.  

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Formal "AFTER" pictures in a second post - just so this one doesn't take up the whole page :)


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Lucky boy!!! Great room for a little guy!

Anonymous said...

My sister also has my nephews room in Western theme. She weaved some rope throught the name on the wall...just an idea. It definitely makes the name stand out more ;o)

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