Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garage Door

A few months ago Matt and I went to the Home and Garden Expo with Becki and Colby.  There were, of course, dozens of fun things to inspire new projects.
One was a garage door, painted to look like wood.
I asked Matt if he thought we could do it and got a non-commital grunt in reply.  
So the garage door was relegated to a shelf in the back of my brain - to be pulled out at a later date, of course ;)

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Nester had this garage re-do on her site.  When I read about her technique I decided I was definitely going to copy it on my own garage.
As long as Matt agreed.
I was a bit worried...he's super easy going about anything I want to do inside, but this was the exterior...people drive by...
But I was worried for nothing - and I should have known better.  This is Matt, after all - the most indulgent, easy-going husband ever.  
LOVE him.

He even helped!

Here is a before picture:
(taken last fall - it's the only one I had)


(best husband ever, putting our first coat on the high parts)

And After.

It turned out shinier (not sure that's a word.  Probably should have said "more shiney") than I would have liked, but I'm hoping some of that will fade as the sun beats down on it this summer. It certainly faded the paint that was there before.  

I haven't added any cute hardware yet, but I might still do that.  I'm at the Home Depot at least twice a week this time of year, so I can check it out any time.

Overall, I love the result.  It was a super easy, super cheap project, too.  Can't beat that!

P.S. - I know the yard is a mess.  I'm getting to it.  Also, the dead balloons on the front porch were from Tessa's Birthday party the night before.  I took them in with me after I was finished taking pictures.  I swear.  However, the unplanted flowers on the front porch are still there, several days later.  


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

dramatic redo. Looks great!!!

Lindsay said...

That is such an awesome makeover! I love how it changed your house - so much more classy looking. Great job!

Kerita Kantz said...

I like the color, actually. Your garage door's shinier than usual, but you still made an amazing makeover, so I must say GOOD JOB!! =D


I saw your recent post about your garage door. I saw how worn out it was, and I have to say that your husband did a great job in bringing it back to life. You were right in saying that it should be given a lot of focus because it is a big part of the house. I really like the newer dark brown color. It shows a very classy wooden door image. And thanks that you didn’t agree with painting it with black! It might’ve looked very differently from what it is now.

Sharron Folkes said...

Your husband was able to transform your garage into something much more eye-catching! I love the paint; it looks very elegant and unique. Your husband’s efforts in painting this garage door had definitely paid off, considering how it turned out. Kudos to him!

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