Monday, October 12, 2009


My laundry room transformation is almost complete - I have just a few items to pick up today while I'm out running errands. The plan is to post "after" pictures tonight - in time for Kimba's party, of course!

Over the weekend I put together the accessories for the room - one of the most important parts! And the most fun :)
WARNING - there are tons of pictures in this post!

First, a pretty tray.
She started off as a beat up frame that I found at a garage sale for a dollar - a steal because of her (huge!) size.

There were some gaps in her corners - I just pounded those back together with my hammer and used my staple gun to make sure she'd stay nice and tight.

Then I added handles to the sides and a piece of hardboard to the base.

Totally transformed :)

When I posted my Design Dilemma for Amanda's party, I got lots of fantastic suggestions. One was for a lamp. Brilliant! I took a sad, blah $10 lamp from Wal Mart - identical to this one, except the base was white, not green...

and turned her into this gorgeous thing.


I found this darling metal planter and this artificial plant at a moving sale this weekend and combined the two. 

I also scored this silly "laundry" sign, which I thought would add some character :)

I picked up this basket at the thrift store last week.

Spray painted it Espresso, 

then brushed on some black craft paint and gave it two coats of clear sealer.  

LOVE it now!

I also found this mirror - attached to a metal box. 

so. very. heavy!

I taped her off and sprayed her black. 

Now she's beautiful!
and very functional - keys hang inside, and this is where I put things that Matt needs to take to work or drop off somewhere (like letters to be mailed or CDs that I've borrowed - which he forgot today)

Last, I took this window frame - which I bought for $5 at a barn sale earlier this summer - 

and gave it a good scrubbing with a wire brush.  I thought about painting her, but decided against it. 

The woman that sold her to me said that she was from a building in New Yok. Not sure how true that is, but she sure is pretty now!

I can't wait to show them to you all together! I'm SO happy with the way it's turned out :)

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