Friday, November 20, 2009

Where do you spray paint?

This is, on many levels, very embarrassing for me.
I grew up the daughter of a car dealer.  My father loves cars like us craft bloggers love our hot glue guns and burlap.  His love is a lot more expensive than ours, obviously.
Some years ago, he built a 3 car garage in his backyard.  It's insulated, heated and air conditioned, wired with satellite television and radio, well lit and decorated. The concrete floors are sealed and clean enough to eat off.
This new garage is in addition to the 3 car garage that is attached to his house, which is also heated and air conditioned, equipped with television and radio, well lit, decorated, and possesses clean, sealed concrete floors.
The point is, I was taught to respect my garage more than I do.

Our garage is...
well, it's nothing like my dads garages are.
My husband and I both drive trucks, and only one will fit inside the garage.  So Matt parks outside. Because I'm a princess. (kidding! sort of.)
Not to worry, though, we've managed to fill the space with plenty of stuff.

(I love paint! don't worry - this isn't all of it...)

There's a big pile of thrift store treasures, large bins where we collect glass to recycle, and lots and lots of paint.  The winter is much more crowded than the summer, of course. Patio furniture cushions, large clay pots from the front porch, etc.

(there's a dresser in there that's going to be FAB!)

Every spring I spend a week cleaning it out, but it never makes much of a difference.

It's okay, though - I'm at peace with my garage mess (even if my dad does shudder every time he comes over!)
The BEST thing about it is that I can spray paint in there.
The floor is covered with strange geometric shapes in various colors from the overspray of all my projects.  It's like a rainbow, I love it.

This time of year, it's getting pretty cold here.
Yesterday it was 40 degrees.
I backed my truck out, set up shop, and got to work.  10 projects at a time - that's what I call a productive spray painting afternoon!

I've got some exciting projects coming up!
1. Will be a large centerpiece
2. Will be a fun candle holder
3. Hardware for a new piece of furniture
4. A curtain rod for my upcoming family room re-do
5. A picture frame - also for the family room re-do
6. A chair
7. A tray (this one is going to be fun!)
8. Behind the buffet - a piece of metal for my upcoming kitchen re-do
9. A buffet, for the dining room
10. A doll cradle - a Christmas gift for my niece :)

Where do you spray paint?

10 comments: said...

hahah this is hilarious! Thanks for numbering and identifying all those projects!
I spray paint at my neighbor's house. He has a carport that is closed in on 3 sides. That helps a LOT on windy days. It does not help on cold days. :(
I do try to use old plastic and cardboard to keep from "marking" the pavement.
Although, I do have some very old markings on my own garage floor, from days gone by. Projects that I did for my daughter when she was young. A star (from her good fairy costume) and a glob (from her paper mache globe)
thanks for sharing your pictures with us! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the numbered photo - lots of stuff going on! I do all big paint projects in our garage. It's heated, which is nice, but then of course with the door closed there's not enough light ...

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Wow.. .you are busy. Cannot wait to see what you do with that big piece for a centerpiece..

and the hutch? Love.

I usually spray paint outside in the grass. But, sometimes I paint in the garage. I put down a dropcloth though cause hubby leans a little more towards your dad. =) He doesn't like me to spray paint inside cause once I accidently got some white overspray on his Harley..

Oops. =)

Sandy said...

Too funny, that's what my deck is looking like. I know that the guys will paint in the spring so I don't mind getting some spray paint on it.
Can't wait to see all of your projects completed!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

The carport, the yard, the driveway. LOL I did use an old sheet when I sprayed my coffee table. I TRY to use newspaper MOST of the time. Then it flies around in my yard like total white trash.

The Girl Creative said...

You are one busy lady!!! I just started spray painting and the first time I did it was in the basement. Big mistake! It smelled for days - not to mention it left a light coat of "dust" all over (even though I painted on an old sheet). The second time, I did it in my backyard and then brought my projects (they were small) into the garage to dry.

Stefanie said...

I wish my garage was clean enough to spray paint in!! :) I can't spray paint this time of year because I do it outside and it's raining like crazy now!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

lol i love how your garage looks! I have been spray painting out on the back lawn and I am sure it was driving my husband crazy seeing the black grass ha ha. But now its way too cold out so it looks like i need to convert the garage {wink wink}

Anonymous said...

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Faith Like Potatoes said...

so funny! my husband hates it when I don't spray paint on cardboard, he'll go out of his way to find me cardboard when I get the spray paint out!!!

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